Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week, the 1920's, I thought I'd mix up the blog by giving you some quick information about the 1920's and then showing you some interesting advertisements I found from this decade!! In the 1920's women were finally allowed to vote in the US, the Lie Detector Test was invented, Time Magazine was founded, the first Olympic Games were played, Hitler published "Mein Kampf", flapper dresses were very popular, Houdini dies after being punched, a woman swam the English Channel, Babe Ruth makes the home-run record, bubble gum was invented, the first mickey mouse cartoon aired on television, penicillin was invented, car radio invented, and finally the first Academy Awards!! The 20's were a raging time for the U.S. full of progress, and a great decade of moving forward!! Now here are some of my favorite advertisements that I found from this time period....


  1. This idea is great. it reminds me of my high school yearbooks. you know that last page or two that has all of the current affairs of that year. Its always cool to look back and see what life was like at that time. nice work here.

  2. these advertisements are so fun! i love vintage advertising